Steve’s latest stories on Medium

I’m going to post periodic digests here with links to some of my latest stories on Medium.


I’ve always been creative in one way or another. In my late 20s, my main creative outlet was as an amateur artist and sculptor. It was fun to look back on that time in these two articles:

Bare Paper

Here I write about the life drawing classes I used to attend, with many examples of my work.

‘Julia in Bed’

To add or to subtract?

I discuss the pros and cons of sculpting in clay and wood, again with examples of my work.


Nature and travel

Other than when I’m absorbed in a creative activity, I’m happiest when I’m out walking in nature.

Homo Perambulans

In this article I reflect on five decades of walking.

‘Wansfell Pike and Windermere, 1992’



‘What’s for you won’t go by you’ as the Irish say. A troubled Australian woman finds her destiny in the name of a beautiful wooden yacht.

‘Astrid I’

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