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“This is such a good story please post more!!!”
Ray, May 5, 2022

“Your style of writing is very engaging. I want to read more and I want to read it now!”
Lea K, Feb 5, 2022

“I love your stories, Steve. You are an exceptional writer!”
Adelia R, Jul 26, 2022

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A woman on holiday falls in love with a tall, handsome stranger: 95 years old, 75 tonnes. It’s not your usual seaside romance. Join Astrid on a voyage spanning half the globe and half a lifetime.

short story



Naming Calls

Sculptor Tom embarks on a monumental wood carving. Slowly the realisation dawns that he has invoked his nemesis.

Longlisted for the Peter Carey Short Story Awards 2022.

short story



Writer’s Retreat

A novelist moves into an isolated seaside cottage. She soon discovers that she has more company than she bargained for. A tale of the supernatural from Victoria’s Shipwreck Coast.

short story




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Which e-book format?

All of my stories can be read in pdf and epub formats. They are compatible with e-book readers and apps including Kindle.
pdf – Fixed layout. If you make the page bigger or smaller, the text does not reflow. You can zoom in and out, but you cannot change the type style. Not suitable for small devices such as phones.
epub – ‘Liquid’ layout. It reflows the text when you change the appearance and size to your liking. Kindle now uses epub as its default file type.
Amazon’s instructions for sending your downloaded epub files to your Kindle Reader or app are here.

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