Hi there!

My name is Steve Williams. I’m a British-Australian author living in regional Victoria with my wife Susan, our elderly chooks (hens) Molly and Minnie, and about 100,000 bees, whom we haven’t yet named.

I’ve been a professional author for a long, long time, in the field of educational publishing. As an author of ELT and German courses, I get to write the occasional short story, and plenty of dialogues.

However, the scope for untrammelled literary self-expression is limited by curricula and my publishers’ fairly firm ideas about what constitutes ‘proper’ reading for adolescents.

I’m also a long-time contributor to Quora, where I mostly write factual answers about obscure subjects and vent about things that make me cross.

I’m looking forward to exploring rather different, and maybe more creative kinds of writing in these pages.